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1 Daikin Europe N.V. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and control systems for the residential, commercial and industrial markets. With more than 95 years of experience in air conditioning and climate control solutions, we know what it takes to create the perfect climate. Our high-quality products are built to deliver maximum comfort, energy efficiency and reliability. Each unit also includes smart control, which means you have access to control your unit at any time, from anywhere and from any device. We also offer a reliable network of technical and on-site support services through our online portal. Through web applications and tools, we help you monitor and manage your system to keep it running seamlessly. As an innovation leader, we guarantee our products and services can help you achieve your perfect climate. For more information, visit daikin.eu or visit our Business Portal: my.daikin.eu

2 Building a sustainable legacy together We must act now to ensure we create a long-lasting legacy. As a company that values sustainability, we want to help to decarbonize buildings and create a healthy environment for generations to come. Taking on the sustainable transformation, our solutions reduce the CO2 footprint of buildings, whether they are new builds or renovations: • Reducing CO2 equivalents through lower GWP refrigerants such as R-32 • Maximizing sustainability over the entire life cycle, thanks to market-leading real life seasonal efficiencies • Ensuring systems run efficiently 24/7 through smart controls • Safeguarding natural resources - by reusing existing refrigerant through L∞P by Daikin, turning waste into an asset Air surrounds us all the time, and in fact our very existence depends on it. At Daikin, the future of the world’s indoor air is our greatest concern. Daikin envisions a world with healthier indoor air while reducing our environmental impact. Driven by a dedication to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, we provide safe, healthy and comfortable spaces throughout the building life cycle using world-leading technology. Building on our long-term partnerships, let’s build together now to achieve our goals, protecting the health and wellbeing of every individual. Supporting in decarbonization

3 As market leaders in total solutions, we are constantly innovating to offer you a comfortable, healthy and safe environment, meeting your needs. Reliability, support and precision are characteristics of our future-proof products and services. We offer: • A wide range of next-generation heat pumps to meet complex demands, including easy upgrading • Expert indoor air quality solutions through our ventilation and filtration systems to eliminate pollutants and balance humidity levels Together we take on the sustainability journey. We provide expert support throughout the building life cycle and give peace of mind by ensuring what we do is future-proof and is helping to build a better future. • Our team of experts, go beyond product support. Together we reach your green objectives. • We are there for you, all the time: via our local customer support teams and e-commerce solutions. • We’re in it for the long term. We deliver what we commit to providing clear and trustworthy data. A journey we take together Building for the future

4 ABOUT DAIKIN FOR THE AIR WE LIVE IN Air is essential to our existence, and our role in protecting it continues to expand. Since our founding in 1924, in Japan and in 1973 in Europe, we have devoted ourselves with unbridled passion to overcoming the ever-evolving challenges of air to become the leading manufacturer of air conditioning equipment. For forward-thinking consumers and businesses, Daikin is the sustainable climate solutions partner from A to Z which ensures our customers’ comfort with peace of mind because Daikin has always been a reliable forerunner in innovation. That has been, and will always be, the Daikin promise.

5 Table of content General Catalogue 2022 For latest data, please consult my.daikin.eu or check our Virtual Daikin Experience Center via virtual-experience-center.daikin.eu/ my.daikin.eu virtualexperiencecenter.daikin.eu

6 What’s new in MCK70YV/YB › Humidification and air purification in one for large spaces such as residential and light commercial applications (applicable room area: 96m2) › Pure air thanks to Daikin ‘Catch and Clean’ approach in decomposing harmful substances › Twice the decomposition power for dust particles & odors due to Twin Streamer › High performance electrostatic HEPA filter with no need to change for 10 years › Whisper quiet (down to 18 dB(A)) NEW p. 26 Humidifying twin streamer technology air purifier 2022 › Centralized Heat Recovery Ventilation (CHRV) › One-stop-shop for your end-to-end ventilation solution › Automatic calibration › Smart demand control › One of the quietest systems › High energy conversion efficiency NEW p. 29 DucoBox Energy Comfort/Premium

7 Daikin Altherma 3 R ERLA11-16DV3/W1 Daikin Altherma 3 M EBLA/EDLA09-16D(3)V3/(3)W1 › Low temperature air-to-water heat pump › WLAN cartridge or module (optional) › Combinable with floor standing, ECH2O and wall mounted units › Operation range down to -25°C › Delivers 60°C LWT at -7°C outside temperature NEW › Easy to service: all parts are accessible by only removing the front panel › Very compact unit and flexible in use: possible to install in nearly all room conditions (inside the house as well as outside) thanks to freeze protection for water piping NEW › W-LAN cartridge connection (optional) › Possible to combine with domestic hot water tanks › Heating and cooling air-to-water heat pump › Monobloc all-in-one concept including all hydraulic parts › Available with Built-in 3 kW electric back-up heater for additional heating or with a separate back-up heater kit › Delivers 65°C LWT at -15°C outside temperature, by heat pump only NEW p. 76 p. 114 p. 128 Daikin Altherma 3 H MT EPRA08-12EV3/W1

8 Multi + Daikin Emura Design that speaks for itself FTXJ-AB/AS/AW › Combine multi with domestic hot water in one system NEW › Available in white, silver and black › Simplified remote control with focus on most important functions › New design grill outdoor unit, both for pair and multi NEW p. 314 p. 290 COMING SOON AVAILABLE FROM MAY 2022 3 indoor units 1 outdoor unit 1 water tank

9 › Stylish unit now available in black › New Perfera outlook › Updated Comfora with standard WLAN adapter › Guaranteed capacity down to -25°C NEW p. 326 Optimised heating FTXTA-BB FTXTM-R FTXTP-M Sensira FTXQ-A › Flat, stylish front panel blends easily within any interior décor and is easier to clean › Seasonal efficiency values up to A++ in cooling › Onecta app (optional): control your indoor from any location with an app, via your local network or internet. NEW p. 304

10 Extension of VRV 5 indoor units FXMA-A, FXHA-A, FXUA-A Most complete range of specially designed indoor units for R-32 refrigerant › Extension with • FXMA-A, high ESP and large capacity concealed ceiling unit • FXHA-A, ceiling suspended unit, including new 50 class model • FXUA-A, unique 4-way blow ceiling suspended unit, including new 50 class model • EKVDX-A, DX coil for post treatment of fresh air › Widest range of dedicated R-32 indoor units on the market NEW p. 470 VRV 5 heat recovery REYA-A The sustainability champion › Top sustainability over the entire lifecycle thanks to • lower GWP R-32 refrigerant • market-leading real life seasonal efficiency • high efficient 3-pipe heat recovery › Maximum design flexibility allowing installation in rooms down to 10 m² without any additional measures, thanks to Shîrudo technology › Market-leading portfolio: • wide range of dedicated R-32 indoor units • integration of ventilation units NEW p. 462 FXFA-A FXZA-A FXDA-A FXSA-A FXAA-A FXMA-A EKVDX-A FXHA-A FXUA-A Indoor unit control via Onecta app NEW NEW NEW NEW Auto cleaning filter option Black and designer panels

11 DX coil for post treatment of fresh air EKVDX-A Post heating or cooling of fresh air to lower the load on the air conditioning system › Creates a high quality indoor environment by pre conditioning of incoming fresh air › Maximum installation flexibility thanks to separate DX coil › Fresh air flows from 500 up to 2,000 m³/h › High ESP up to 150 Pa › Can be integrated in both R-32/R-410A VRV systems › Replaces VKM-GB range, delivering increased capacity range and reduced sound levels NEW p. 556 Astropure 2000 - Air Purifier for Commercial Applications BR00000554, BR00000676, BR00000678 Plug & play, mobile recirculation unit with high efficiency filtration – for better indoor air quality in commercial spaces › For areas where additional, extra high, filtration performance is needed. › Airflow rate up to 2,000 m³/h › HEPA H14 filter in accordance with EN1822 › Optional UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) › Insulated double-wall construction provides whisper-quiet operation down to 35 dB(A) › Easy installation, operation, and maintenance in a totally self-contained system › For commercial areas up to 200m² NEW p. 566 Return air Exhaust air Fresh air VAM energy recovery unit EKVDX - DX coil for post treatment of fresh air Supply air

12 SAS - SAR Seasoning Units (Zanotti) HCI - Condensing unit with inverter driven compressor (Zanotti) Mono-Block and Bi-Block units for Meat Drying & Seasoning, and Cheese Seasoning NEW Condensing unit with inverter driven compressor / Evaporating working temperatures from -15°C to -40°C. NEW p. 768 p. 779 DWDC Vintage C range Daikin extends duty capacity on centrifugal chiller range with low GWP refrigerant with the new DWDC C Series NEW COMING SOON AVAILABLE FROM MAY 2022

13 HCU - CO2 Condensing Units (Hubbard) CO2 Round Flow Cassette FXFN-A Expansion Valve Box BEV2N-A Concealed Ceiling unit with medium ESP for CO2 Conveni-Pack FXSN-A2 Condensing units with CO2 refrigerant NEW Indoor unit compatible with CO2 Conveni-Pack / 360° air discharge for optimum efficiency and comfort NEW To control the amount of refrigerant released into the evaporator of the CO2 Cassette NEW Concealed ceiling unit with medium ESP for CO2 Conveni-Pack NEW p. 787 p. 812 p. 813 p. 814 outblow bottom suction rear suction

14 Tools and platforms Sales supporting apps We offer a variety of building modelling, selection, simulation and quotation software tools to support your sales. An overview of all tools available can be found here my.daikin.eu/denv/en_US/home/ applications/select software finder Webinar platform Online seminars are a new way of sharing information with you. As this is not restricted in time or place, it is convenient for you to watch it whenever you want. Check out our webinars now! We’re here to help you! Literature See all the literature available (catalogues, flyers, solution guides, product profiles, product portfolios, reference book ...) › for you › for your customers my.daikin.eu Tools and platforms

15 Tools & platforms Business portal › Experience our Business Portal that thinks with you at my.daikin.eu › Find information in seconds via a powerful search › Customise the options so you see only info relevant for you › Access via mobile device or desktop my.daikin.eu AT THE OFFICE AT CUSTOMERS ON THE ROAD Internet Find our solution for different applications: Supermarket Sport & Leisure Industry Store & shop Restaurant Hotel Office Technical Home Bank www.daikin.eu › As Customer: Experience your perfect climate with Daikin. › As Installer: Build your business with Daikin. › As Architect & Consultant: Create the perfect climate with Daikin. Online support